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The Irish surname Doorly is the Anglicization of the Old Gaelic surname O'Doghair, which is a surname belonging chiefly to counties Kerry, Limerick and South Tipperary. The name was not anglicized until the seventeenth century when there was a recommendation by the British authorities that all be names be written in English, so as to make registration easier. This surname can be traced to a powerful French family who settled in Ireland during the tenth century. They were the Dore sept, whose names was of local origin, deriving from the name of the dwelling place or locality where a bearer once lived. This family came from the town land of the same name in Brittany. At this time it was common practice to identify a man with the area from which he hailed and to refer to him in this manner. There was also a certain civic pride involved in registering one's native town as one's family name, especially if they emigrated to another country. Thus the family from Dore retained their name, and due to regional dialects and differences in spelling amongst clerks, the form Doorly evolved. The first recorded instances of the name occur in William Petty's census of 1659 where it was found to be the principle name in the barony of Waterford. Modern variants of the name include Doorley, Durr and Dorey.

Azure a tower triple towered supported by two lions rampant argent as many chains descending from the battlements between the lion's leg or. (Burke's General Armory)

The heraldic color azure (blue), denotes loyalty and truth. The lions represent Strength, Courage and Generosity. Or (gold), denotes Generosity and Elevation of Mind.

:: CREST ::
On a ducal coronet or, an enfield vert.

Vert (green), denotes Hope and Joy.

:: MOTTO ::
Turris fortis mihi Deus.

God is a strong tower to me


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The Henry Doorly Zoo
This acclaimed zoo is the No.1 tourist attraction between Chicago and Denver, with good reason. Its most prominent exhibit is the award-winning Lied Jungle. In this realistic re-creation of a natural rain forest, visitors can wander, observing everything from hippos to hummingbirds.
>> http://www.omahazoo.com/

Doorly Park
Doorly Park is located along by the riverside in Sligo town in Ireland. The park is named after a late bishop of the dioceses Dr Edward Doorly.
>> http://www.irelandnorthwest.ie/detail.asp?memberID=11659

Doorly, Gerald Stokely (1880 - 1956)
Doorly was a member of the first British National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04, as 3rd Officer on the SY Morning relief ship.
>> http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/bsparcs/biogs/P000369b.htm

Doorly's Rums
Martin Doorly was the founder of the company back in the early 1920’s. There are five Doorly’s brands sold in Barbados most with the Macaw as the symbol on the label.
>> http://www.doorlysrum.com/

John Doorly
John Doorly was born in Barbados, British West Indies. He became interested in Christian Science as a young man. His lectures and classes opened a new era of Bible study, lifting it out of merely historical or religious significance into a spiritually scientific textbook, illustrating eternal laws operative in everyone's experience. He unlocked the Bible as a whole, revealing the timeless Science of being symbolized throughout its pages.
>> http://store.yahoo.com/thebookmark/doorly.html

Mount Doorly
Mount Doorly is on the southern flank of the Wright Valley, inland of the Marble Point Helicopter Refuelling station. The sites straddle a zone of faulting that has been studied by various authors. The faulting is obvious in the rock.
>> http://www.geology.ohio-state.edu/~willis/tamnotes/mount-doorly_notes.html